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San Bernardino, CA 92407
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Cajon Project Alumni
News and Announcements
A Place For Cajon High School Alumni To Connect!
With Old Friends!
Stay Informed
of Upcoming Events!
Get Involved -
Plan New Events!
Cajon Project Alumni
Basic Features - Free
The basics are always free. No one from Cajon High School should be excluded from reunions or events, that's why I am keeping these features free to all Cajon High School alumni.
 Your Profile
Tell others all about your life after high school. What schools have you been to? What about your love life? Family? Career? Your classmates definitely want to know what you've been doing since leaving Cajon High School.
 Reunion and Event Info
Find out what alumni events are coming up for Cajon High School and your class. Not just major reunions, but smaller events to keep people together during the in-between years can be planned as well. Reunion organizers can plan events for free!
Reunion Organizers - Click Here To Register
Then Add Your Reunion Info For Free!
Cajon Project Alumni
Advanced Features - $10.00
I am asking for a one-time contribution of $10.00 to use the advanced features which let you connect with old friends, while maintaining your privacy. Your email address is never given out unless you give it out yourself in a message. There is a great reunion and event planning tool which includes an RSVP feature allowing for easy two way communications. Contributions to Cajon Project Alumni are used to maintain the site and pay for advertising.
 Alumni Directory
The Cajon Project Alumni Directory gets you in touch with your long lost friends! Both non-paying and paying members are included in the directory, but only paid members have access to the directory. No email addresses are ever displayed.
 Alumni Forums
Find out where Jack is, who Joan married, etc... There are two forum areas, one for the whole school regardless of graduation year, and one for just your Cajon High School class.
 Alumni Mail
Once you find someone you want to contact in the Cajon Project Alumni Directory you can send them a private message through Alumni Mail. You will not be able to see their email address and they will not be able to see yours. You can always provide your email in the message if you want. Cajon Project Alumni does not filter messages like those other sites.
 Reunion & Event Planning
Paying members have access to the RSVP list for events, so you can see who has already signed up! There is also a dedicated reunion discussion area in the Cajon Project Alumni Forums.

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